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Thought it would be nice for those interested to know what kinds of unique products Abigail Smith Photography offers.

ASP Float Wraps are a new, unique option for displaying your images. Float Wraps are similar to Gallery Wraps, they add dimension by extending out from the wall. Float wraps are unique in that they appear to be floating on the wall with the main focus on the image! Create a modern display with a Float Wrap wall collage that is ready to hang once removed from the box!

Abigail Smith Photography offers 8×10″ gift prints¬†starting at $35.

For detailed product and pricing information please use the contact form. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Abigail, I was recommended to you by Aaron Snow. I was wanting to get some Valentines pictures done of our 3 year old daughter. Just casual pictures. Can you let me know your prices?

    Thank you!

    Holley Floyd

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