Family Session in Phoenix, AZ

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Rhonda and her family for a photo-session in Phoenix, Arizona! It was an absolute blast working with such different and unique scenery. Rhonda & Mark were awesome hosts and showed Rachel (my assistant) and me around to some really great places! Some of the hidden gems they took us to were T-Bone Steakhouse (best grilled chicken I think I’ve ever tasted!),  The Farm (had an amazing veggie omelette) then out to Tortilla Flats which was a great drive! So thankful for the time I got to spend with them!


  1. Woke up this morning to a message from anna ball that had a link to this blog! This is completely amazing to me because I am huge believer in energy, and I had such a positive experience this past weekend that its been lingering in my mind. To me this is more of a testament to the connection that we all share as a species, and the incredible power of spirituality. This girl(Abigail) has an amazing sense of courage, strength, heart, and life. She is truly an inspiration to me, and I’m sure to everyone that crosses her path. I can say this in complete confidence because I have personally had the pleasure of meeting her and the blessing of being photographed by her. The internet sure is a powerful tool, but when when you combine that with a powerful story of a powerful person who lives states away… it only seems fitting that I would wake up to a fb message from a friend who had seen this blog exactly seven days after I had the fortune of meeting this incredible person. Also, in my line of work I have become extremely involved with many families in all different stages of their personal struggles. To see a girl trucking ahead with her eyes to the sky and following her passion resonates so deep with me. I hope you would take the time to read and share this. A perfect end to my week, beginning to my day, and reminder of just how important we all are.

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