Ireland | Day One & Two {Part 1}

Dear Readers,

For the rest of the year I will be posting photos from my trip to Ireland.

It was a dream come true getting to celebrate LIFE with my three brothers in the land I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit! Ireland was definitely the best two weeks of my year. 🙂

We stayed the first night in a lovely little Bed & Breakfast near the Dublin airport since we would be rushing off the next morning to catch a train to Cork. So, below you’ll see what a full Irish breakfast consists of… LOTS of meat, baked beans, a boiled tomato, white and black pudding (don’t ask what’s in it), egg and toast.

Waiting for our bus to the train station.

Didn’t even notice a depressed looking “Mr. Bean” until after I got this photo on my computer. Busted up laughing uncontrollable and still chuckle every time I see it.

This B&B we stayed at in Cork had the best hostess and tea ready for us when we arrived after a long day’s journey. My favorite part of the day is tea time. 🙂

More to come soon!


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